Pedagogy and Didactics section

The main areas of activity are improving the quality in the field of economic analysis of the company‘s activities, improving the use of renewable energy sources, improving the quality of education, improving management, especially at the level of self-government bodies, developing social sciences.

Feedback in education

Types of feedback and its role in the educational process

IT and feedback

Possibilities of using IT for realization of feedback of various kinds

IT – object, means and tool of education

Different views on information technologies in terms of their use in the educational process

Quality of education

Evaluation of the quality of education, possibilities and tools for increasing the quality of education


What is distance learning, types of distance learning, on-line and off-line distance learning, video conferences, webinar and video-seminar

Education support systems

Types of LMS, description of LMS, use of LMS, education support using LMS

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