The second day of the International Conference Electronic Kazan on the Danube 2020

Bratislava – Kazan – Zagreb – Athabasca – Grodno – Nur Sultan – Moscow – Ulan Ude. November 20, 2020. The International Scientific Conference Electronic Kazan on the Danube 2020 continued on Friday with the second day of lectures and consultations on major and current topics in the field of education.

Professor Štefan Kassay, Doctor of Economics

Most of the discussants agreed on the need to change university curricula, move closer to reality and continue to create courses that will work closely with practice. The global pandemic situation has changed the approach to distance education and accelerated the processes of its implementation at all levels of education – from primary schools, through secondary schools to colleges and universities.

Dr. Ing. Jaroslav Kultan, PhD.

An introductory discussion between Dr. Ing. Jaroslav Kultan, PhD. from the Faculty of Economic Informatics of the University of Economics in Bratislava with doc. Ing. Alexander Bojchenko, PhD., a specialist in information systems, analyzed in more detail the issues of the courses of the system – a new form of distance learning connected with the practical experience of production companies. New possibilities for connecting virtual departments were proposed, especially in the field of robotics and automation of production mechanisms.

Doc. Ing. Alexander Bojchenko, PhD.

Electronic Kazan 2020 was accompanied during both days as moderators by Mrs. Dr. Maria Pannatier, PhD. information systems specialist from the University of Geneva and professor Vladimir Zuev from the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities in Kazan.

Dr. Maria Pannatier, PhD.

Doc. L.S. Chikileva. PhD. from the State University of Economics of the Russian Federation in Kazan presented methods and possibilities of distance learning using cloud applications.

Ing. R. L. Nimazhanovna from the University of Ulan Ude introduced the experience of online teaching at the university through the ZOOM application, presented a way to improve effectiveness of teaching by creating targeted courses for the classes and supported forms of cooperation with practical professors and specialists from the entrepreneurship environment.

A representative of the Russian Academy of Sciences prof. Olya Maksimovna Korchazhkina, DrSc., introduced progressive methods of education in relation to the modern student. The scientific analysis and view of the current state of technology presented by the Russian Academy of Sciences is identical to that in Western Europe – she emphasized the need to preserve the ideas and traditions of accredited universities, but to adapt them to the current situation.

Other topics of lectures were no less interesting. The International Center of Education – (from December 1, 2020) will provide a recording of the conference online at events and conferences section.

Expansion and promotion of the platform in the provision of alternative foreign education based on management as a multi-professional teaching topic created on the practical experience of a world-class company and publishing activities of Professor Štefan Kassay using the pay-per-read system.

Dissemination of the results of scientific work in the form of providing courses, offering scientific articles online from renowned teachers and universities with accredited fields of study, providing lectures for students in the form of video courses.

The most important topic that the discussants agreed on was the need to deepen and expand cooperation with practice in order to develop doctoral theses in the form of special and unique seminars, which will be accessible only through The worldwide premiere will also be the cooperation with companies on the created virtual practice, where the direct student will be in the position of a production company employee and will be able to master the management of individual structures in the company in real time and with real results.

The second day of the conference brought ideas for expanding cooperation in providing a platform for remote laboratories and computer networks, distribution databases in virtual private networks, the use of cloud communication system between teacher and student according to student needs and last but not least the need to expand the applications with a new term – robotics of production systems from real practice.

The evaluation of the two-day conference Electronic Kazan on the Danube 2020 can be summarized in a concise slogan “a combination of science and practice as well as the development of distance learning and practical experience of entrepreneurship personalities”. In the press releases, we will return to the conference and keep the readers of the multimedia portal informed about the news within the International Centre of Education, which will work closely with global university institutions.

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