The main areas of activity are improving the quality in the field of economic analysis of the company‘s activities, improving the use of renewable energy sources, improving the quality of education, improving management, especially at the level of self-government bodies, developing social sciences.

Economic section

Improvement of the quality of work of each enterprise is possible only under the condition of a thorough analysis of the main economic quantities using a multidimensional analysis system. The basis for the use of information technology is the introduction of enterprise management systems and an objective analysis of the results of the economic activity of the enterprise. All systems are based on a quality database and its varieties.

Informatic section

Current development in any area of society's development is not possible without the active use of information technology (IT). Therefore, the goal of the virtual department is to focus on IT as an object of education (teaching about what IT is, what are the basic principles of informatics, what are the technical and software resources), a means of education (using IT to solve many tasks to reduce computational complexity, remove routine tasks, etc.) and the tool of education (use of IT to change didactic procedures, increase the quality of education, introduction of diverse feedback, etc.).

Energy and the
Environment section

Development of society, industry, trade, etc. it is not possible without energy. Energy is the basis of every movement and therefore it is very important to ensure sufficient energy in the required quality. However, obtaining energy can place a heavy burden on the environment. And it is precisely the acquisition of quality energy with respect for the environment, with a friendly relationship between the environment and nature, that is one of the priority tasks of educating young people.

and Didactics

The current task of the present is the correct use of individual technical (IT) systems as an object, means and tool of education.

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