In response to new technological capacities, teaching models for both classroom and online delivery must be reconsidered and recalibrated, because students are still taught conventional subjects in a traditional curriculum and have to pass standardized tests as a part of old-fashioned syllabus. A fundamental revision of our education systems is desperately needed, so students can promptly react to new social challenges. This process requires a re-thinking of teaching and learning practice, as well as classroom layouts, as more interaction takes place, involving the students, instructors, and outside experts who participate in-person or virtually. 

In the 21st century when many functions are done by artificial intelligence, we have to face the question: „What is the role of schools and what is the purpose of education?’’ Schools and the education sector are heavily regulated, and there are many people with vested interest who are content with maintaining the status quo. In reality, more and more students are looking for flexible learning options according to their personal needs. 

The incorporation of higher education institutions into the system of market relations, create the increased requirements for their competitiveness. As a result of global economic slowdown, many jobs are and will be lost in the future, which is closely linked to rise in unemployment. In order to succeed in the labor market, students will have to respond immediately to the new challenges, for example through retraining or upskilling. 

Methodical innovations represent the most common and characteristic type of innovation in the field of education, covering the process of teaching natural sciences and humanities from preschool education to higher education and the system of additional and advanced training. Opportunities for self-directed and non-formal online learning are likely to play an increasingly important role in learning, especially in the emerging post-COVID-19 economy. Our courses offer students unique opportunity to broaden their understanding of pedagogical issues in the context of their previous backgrounds and qualifications.


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