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I.D.C. Holding, JSC carries out its business activities in an environment of heavy competition, represented by the world largest food companies. Obtained quality certificates in compliance with international standards and strengthened its ability to fulfill customer requirements by providing safe foodstuffs, in all aspects complying with the EU legislation requirements for quality and food safety.

and Didactics

The task of the training section is the correct use of individual technical systems as a subject, means and teaching tool. The content of this section is based on the long-term experience of European teaching systems with the tradition of combining science and practice. The didactics also includes motivational and personal courses for teachers. The quality of the courses is guaranteed by teachers with many years of experience in the field of personal development and human resources.

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The International Center of Education is one of the forms of international education in certain areas, mainly management specializations, scientific trends in the field of informatics, mathematics, physics, chemistry and other natural sciences. It is also a suitable form of education in the field of economics. The benefit of this method of education is the possibility of organizing international groups that can respond more quickly to the requirements of practice in different parts of the world and can also combine the research capacities and educational qualities of teachers in several countries. The main areas of activity are improving the quality in the field of economic analysis of the company‘s activities, improving the use of renewable energy sources, improving the quality of education, improving management, especially at the level of self-government bodies, developing social sciences.
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